Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mah Hero

This is a little video/montage I made for my super hubby, Wayne, for his 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday honey.

I love you.

-M :^X

PS - I was just notified by YouTube, that the copyright owner of the U2 song I used, has 'approved' my use of it, ( which I've never seen or heard of before... ) . Anyway, somehow it now has the option, at You Tube, ( and if you right click here ) to view a better quality version, which made me very happy.

But...unfortunately, it is still not that great. Soooooo, if you would like to see the full screen version...hint hint hint... lol...you can also view it *** HERE *** at my website. Once it loads, just click the show to start and then right click, and select 'full screen' .

Thank you. Have a good 'un. :^D