Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doin' Bad Thaaaangs... with Photoshop

Just a little video I made, for fun... showing some, errrrm, 'interesting' things you can do in photoshop.... Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it looks decent here. I uploaded it at YouTube, in supposedly HD quality, but so far, every time I click HD at their site, it stutters. :-/ So DON'T click HD...lol. But by all means, definately hit full screen. You get to watch Jen's fangs grow, then. ;-)

-Marlene :-)

PS... when all was said and done, I think the most fun I had, of all, was making the text freak out and get all wobbly-ish. How cool is that???LOL.... Oh and if anyone knows how to change that gadawful, crappy, random thumb YouTube assigns, pleeeeeez pleez pleeze email me! :-D

PPS.. ewww. It's still a bit stuttery, and now it covers part of the entire right side of my blog. I give up. I'm going to bed, lol. Night all. Zzzzzzzzzzz |^o