Friday, June 13, 2008

Bottoms Up!

To say I'm afraid of heights is a gross understatement. I am absolutely mortified by them. The second I'm a few feet off the ground, whether it's on a chair or near the edge of a roof, it's like I turn into some spineless, gelatinous mass. My legs start to wobble, my head gets all spinny, and the world seems to become more like a soup than a solid.

I tell you this, because in less than two weeks the hubs and I will be traveling to California, to celebrate our 25th anniversary. I read somewhere that the single best thing you can do to keep the 'romance' alive in your relationship, is to always do new things together. ( Evidently, falling into patterns and habits with each other is the romantic kiss-of-death. ) So, as a way of starting off the next leg of this marriage, we decided to make this trip, sort of like a 'bucket list'.

And one of the things we'll be doing is...a balloon flight over Napa Valley. 8^O

LOL...I know. It's totally nuts. But the woman that I booked this with, said they would land it in the first 10 minutes, if totally freak out...

Anyway, I mentioned this to a friend, and he told me of a balloon co. in San Diego, that actually has a special 'fear of flying' package, where they take you a foot off the ground, and go higher or lower depending on your comfort level...which I actually think is a brilliant business idea...capitalising on all us spineless acrophobes...

But how's this for a unique business idea? They also provide this... ahem... 'service':

"For those who belong to or have ever wanted to join the "Mile High" club, we offer a flight in a private balloon at a mile high (5280 feet). This is the ultimate ecstasy. We offer comfort and discretion. This flight is honored with "mile high" pins for him and her. Call today to reserve because this flight takes considerable scheduling considerations."

LMAO!!!!! Omigod......Can you imagine the folks that like to get 'high', lol, before sex? They'd probably freak out! that I think about it, they'd probably get more freaked out, when they couldn't get to any munchies afterwards, lol.

But wow....I can't believe anyone would actually do this. It doesn't make any sense! If you're lying down you won't see anything, and they say you don't even feel like you're moving in a balloon... And if you're standing up... um... well... what the heck do you lean against? Certainly not the side of the basket, lol... One overly zealous thrust and .... Whooooooooooops!!! SOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorry!!!!!!!!!!

LOL... that would be just my luck... plummeting to my death, without my bottoms on. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! ... Nooooooooo.... it's.... a... giant ass!

LOL. Have a great weekend everyone. ;^D

Y )

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