Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Virgin Experience

So here I am, writing this, my very first real online blog, and the battery on this lappy is surrrrrely going to croak at any given minute. :^/ ( insert nail-biting smiley )

Tick Tick Tick...

Talk about pressure!!!

But, hmmmm....

Now that I think of it, this being my...ahem... 'first', lol, it does seem suddenly strangely appropriate that this experience too, should come with a fair amount of uncertainty...and then abruptly get cut short. ;^)

Soooooooo... before we have an incident of bloggus interruptus, ( and no, telling this wee Dell's battery to think of science or geometry doesn't help ) , I will say, thanks for dropping by and hope to see ya next time!'

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