Friday, April 18, 2008

Google, why hast thou forsaken me?

Before I began this blog, I made a 'fake' one, on my website. That is, it 'looked' like a blog, but it didn't allow for comments or anything...

But once I started this one, at blogspot, I de-activated the fake one. Afterall, what was the point of it?

Anyway, every day since, I've been checking google search to see if my blog comes up, but noooooope. Day after day there's nothing. Anywhere. Not even here at blogspot. :^/

But today ... finally ... something came up! And I was all 'Yay!' and 'Yippeedoo!!!' .

That is, until I clicked the link. Guess what it took me to?

Yup. The fake one. The de-activated one... In other words, the one you shouldn't be able to see it at all!

Now how the hell am I supposed to turn off a page, that's already turned off????

Grrrr.... So now I've had to make a note on the all-too-visible 'invisible' page, saying it's NOT my blog, and to please click the place that says, 'My Blog', that actually IS my blog.

Sigh..... :^ /

I swear, sniff, sometimes it feels like the google gods are smiting me. It'll be a miracle if anyone ever finds this thing!!!

Lost in Google Hell,
Marlene ;^)

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